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'At times we all need the comfort of feeling we belong somewhere: that in a busy world some small part of us is still firmly anchored by a sense of place.  This book is about the past of such a place. Those with connections to Bunwell, a rural parish in South Norfolk, will find it both therapeutic and fascinating.

In this first of a two-volume work the writers have drawn on archaeological evidence; manorial, church and public records; and the memories and memorabilia of the villagers to construct a thematically organised history of the village.        Agriculture has always been the central village activity; but over the years, agricultural engineering, building, brickmaking, and even the manufacture of ginger beer have all, at various times, provided employment. The comings and goings of all these businesses are featured as are the village general stores of which only one remains

The importance of  St Michael's church as spiritual, local government and entertainment centre is discussed, as is the importance of ale which in mediaeval times provided a drink safer than water. Starting with the home-brew enterprises of the Bunwell mediaeval alewives the story moves to ale-houses, beer-houses and the five village public houses, now all closed. 

Two chapters are devoted to those who fought in the two world wars and to those that stayed behind to look after the land. A closing chapter discusses the origins and history of some family surnames associated with the village.     The 169 maps, tables and illustrations, the catalogue of all known postcards of the village, and the careful referencing and extensive index make it a valuable resource for historians and genealogists'.

Half way there!
This first book of our two-volume history of Bunwell (flyleaf introduction above) was published on 30th May 2014.Of the 100 copies printed for the launch, all have now been sold, however a number of copies from a previous printing are available for sale. These are identical to the later printing except for a pagination error which required the inclusion of a corrigenda slip.  These books are available at the discounted price of £20.00, a saving of £10 on the published price.  Contact us through one of our members or by e-mail info@bunwellhistory.co.uk